Fox News Hosts Not Coping Well With Finding Out Most Americans Hate the Rich

People who hate the rich are just lazy people who feel entitled to more money and don’t work hard to get to where they are at now. Now before you go blasting me I support funding for homeless and less fortunate. My parents were migrants with nothing but the clothes on their back. I grew up on food stamps and days when there wasn’t enough I would just go to bed hungry. My dad worked three menial jobs to support me and my brother and try to have us live as comfortably as we could. I studied hard in school got good grades, got national scholar for PSAT, got full ride to college worked hard through that started my own business and I earn a fairly large amount. I worked like a fucking dog and lived like one too for the majority of my life and got to where I am today. Ask yourself this. How many of those people are people who try very little in life and just complain about what they don’t have? Probablly a good majority.

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