Funny bits from Askreddit thread about worst patients, surprise surprise, diabetes is a common denominator ... [long but REALLY worth reading]

I've told this story before on here, but I feel I must share it again.

I was a CNA for home health cases through the state. This means people on disability. Some of the worst patients were patients with diabetes. Now, my mom was the state nurse for most of the patients that I worked with and we often worked together. We're both rather tiny people and part of our job was moving these giant beetus filled balloons around to check for bed sores, clean due to incontinence and inserting catheters. One patient, in general, was ALWAYS a pain in the ass to do this too.

One day my mom was doing her usual check for bedsores as this ham sat and tuned out her warnings about eating the Ho Hos she was obviously devouring right before we got there, and she asked her to turn over to check for sores. The ham asked for help and my mom obliged as I was asking the husband (the tiniest man I've ever seen) about her diet habits. My mom started to pull this lady towards her to get her in a sitting position and the woman full on threw herself back towards the bed. During that moment, a loud "POP" came from my mom and she fell to the floor in pain. The giant beast started moaning "I'M TIRED I NEED TO REST!" while my mom was writhing in pain on the ground. Turns out, this woman broke my mom's back. I took my mom to the hospital and this woman actually had the nerve to complain to the head nurse that my mom didn't finish her evaluation for her benefits and requested my mom was fired.

Sadly, because of this, my mom wasn't fired, but she was no longer able to work a standing job and was put on light duty check ups for home health (ie only elderly patients and very little work hours). So basically, because of this woman's lack of care for other humans, she ruined my mom's career and life (who, even with a back injury still stays in shape, mind you!).

Working home health with these people was one of the worst jobs I've ever had. The elderly patients made it worthwhile, for the most part, but I just couldn't get over how horrid the obeasts were regarding any mention of dieting or their weight ("I'M TOO SICK TO DIET I NEED MUH CALORIES!"). If you ever get a chance to be a CNA, really think it over. It can be rewarding, but the diabetic patients will always, every time, fuck you over and make you wish you had another job.

TL;DR: My mom was trying to help an obeast up from her gelatinous form on the bed and the giant pulled away from her, breaking my mom's back. Then the ham decided to call in a complaint because my mom had to be rushed to the hospital.

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