Gen.G vs. T1 / LCK 2022 Spring - Week 7 / Post-Match Discussion

What was Gen G doing letting Jayce through two games in a row even though they had two opportunities to pick him before T1?

Why pick Ziggs over Jayce when you can just pick Ziggs later? It's not like T1 is going to pick Ziggs. Your poke comp is then a real poke comp.

Why pick Gwen over Jayce? She did nothing the entire game. Honestly one of the WORST blind picks I've seen come out of LCK.

Honestly some trash ass coaching from Score. I'm very glad the LCK commentators are trashing on their pick ban too, they deserve it.

Ophelia played great though for the shoes he had to fill. Too bad it meant nothing because of how hard Score trolled him.

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