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All I'm going to say is that I'm really disappointed with how people have proved negative things that have been said to me about reddit correct.

I've had a reddit account before but left due to how nasty people behave. I recently made a new account and spoke my mind on a few issues I was amazed that despite being active for less than two weeks I was actually given gold twice and took it as a sign I could engage with the site and enjoy it.

I make this post and realised I'd slipped some local slang in the title. I make an explanation of that in the comments to clear it up realising US viewers won't understand and (now that I see a lot of UK viewers).

The response I have received is that people have hammered me with downvotes to the point reddit is telling me to wait before commenting.

People are repeatedly calling me a liar which makes no sense. There is local slang for counties and cities. And smaller divisions. The thing is there are accents like old North Yorkshire accents that have viking remnants, there are very peculiar phrases in a Newcastle accent or Maccam accent and so many.

I haven't even specified where I'm from yet people are calling me a liar and saying that I made up what is a part of my local slang? "because I want to hide the fact that I made a typo". That really makes no sense, I would just reupload if I made a typo. I just feel people are actually creating the cringe by making that presumption out of nowhere.

I think the most childish thing ever is that people call me a "bellend" and say I'm lying because they haven't heard of the slang they are presuming it cannot exist and I am lying. Have these people really heard all the local slang of every city and town in England. How can one be so irrational and nasty for no reason?

It makes no sense to say, "I've not heard it therefore you're lying". Especially when I have nothing to gain, and to be so nasty and attack me and downvote me till I can't even use the site properly.

It makes me disappointed because this is the reason people told me not to use Reddit, because people act irrationally nasty. If someone else told me this happened to them I wouldn't be able to comprehend that people acted like that and wouldn't really believe them.

The fact that I'm being downvoted so hard and people are acting like this towards me when I haven't lied and have nothing to gain by lying, so it's almost like they are looking to lash out, really doesn't sit well with me. This coupled with other bizarre experiences of "non-troll" users acting in a way I find irrational and needlessly nasty that seems approved overall by the site displeases me. Especially the fact that redditors seems to fall for bizarrelly ridiculous stories and say things like "I will believe this even if it's not true because I think it's amazing" or "This story is fantastic true or not" or "it doesn't matter if it's true.

So it's even more jarring that I'm being accused of lying for something so trivial and needless. I'm sitting here knowing I didn't lie about this which is making this a very telling experience. I'm really having strong considerations of whether I want to be directly involved in the reddit community with an account and just lurk instead if this is how people are. I really feel that the way people acted towards me just now is cringey in itself.. If this is a site where people would immediately accuse someone of lying and downvote them to hell because they haven't heard of something area specific rather than consider that hint hint they're not from that area, I don't really want to be a part of it.

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