Given the recent news and happenings, is your perception of Indian men really getting worse ?

Not a woman, but a South European. Read your general concerns and will tell you this. Men of my region are viewed with similar negative stereotypes, that we are rapists, creepy, slimey and gaudy and we're all shitheads who cheat on and beat their girlfriends. Believe it or not, we remain fetishized by some women, many women from many places still like us quite a lot, many have never heard the negative stereotypes, and many hear negative stereotypes about lots of groups (like black men) and continue to date, marry, and sleep with them. And of course those stereotypes are as true for us as they are for any and every other ethnic group.

I can assure you many (white) women like Indian men. My buddy was from India, and while he was a little odd at first (slightly misogynistic and thought evolution was stupid) he came around. And women adored him because he is good looking and hilarious.

I don't think you need to worry. Men and women might think your country is a shithole (the amount of times I've had to listen to idiots trash talk my city without knowing shit about shit), but only a true racist will assume everyone from your country is a rapist. The rape thing is a law enforcement problem, maybe cultural too, but the educated Indians who work in the media don't seem to take it lightly and report it very loudly.

It's like how everyone thinks my country is a corrupt shithole and everyone in it is scum, in some parts of N.America, especially Canada, fuck, people were absolutely rude and bigotted toward me about my origins, but guess what? The fuckers only know we are corrupt because it's discussed by the non-corrupt in the media very loudly. The only reason your people and mine are viewed so poorly is because we are honest enough to discuss our social problems quite loudly, the bigots tend to come from places where nobody reports the rapes, murders, and corruption so they end up thinking they're better than everyone else.

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