I asked you a couple of questions you have left unanswered. So I can only stirr what reasons you have and what you want.

I've had people tell me their story about debt and how big it was and it has frightened me alot, but it also comforted me with the ways they got out of it. Dedication, hard work and motivation.

You shouldn't see it as a ballchain hanging on your leg imprisoning you. My personal opinion: adress your financial situation as that seems the biggest problem for you in your life.

You know how big your debt is. Do you know how much you make monthly and yearly and how much you spend so you can compare how much is or isn't left? Is your debt growing or decreasing? If so by how much? Once you know that you look for ways to decrease your debt. Don't get me wrong it's a long and tough road but in the end you will be done with it. Some people take 20 years to get rid of their debt, but they do it.

  1. Set yourself rules on how long you want to realistically take to get rid of your debt. 150k is alot. But 10 to 30 years is doable. You could negotiate with your debt collectors to ease your payments or seek counselling in debt. Those people exist.

  2. Look where you can cut costs and I mean everything. Only pay for what you truly truly need. Every time you cheat, it will take longer for you to get rid of the debt. But don't go too hard on yourself. Set aside those moments where you can spend something you deserve, you work hard for that goal and you deserve something good every now and then.

  3. Plan everything out and save money for several occasions monthly (a little for the car, a little for medical issues) so you build up funds for things that you can't foresee but can prepare for.

  4. Don't see your debt as a ball and chain but see it as something that is around but not the main factor in your life. It's a number and it's going down. You can't realistically make it dissapear in a couple of years, but it won't destroy you if plan your life well around it.

  5. Money is the key here. So a good thing to do would be to look for a better paying job or trying to get a promotion or raise. You gotta get a good hardwork mentality and once you show that in your actions, people will start to get notice and you have leverage to demand for pay. Working hard will also defocus your thoughts on debt, because you are actively working on that problem.

Like I said it's not easy but it is realistically possible and that's the great thing about it: it's a problem that you can solve.

I hope this post can give you some ideas or thoughts that might help you further. I wish you the best of luck.

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