Google admits to censoring the World Socialist Web Site

I think I have demonstrated to you, that, under your own standards, the US can't call itself a free speech society either.

About blasphemy, religions aren't protected in Europe. Because you know, we have centuries of history of religious nutjobs going around torturing people and destroying whole countries. So no, we don't like aggressive expansionist religions. And France have a specific way of dealing with religious people (be they catholic, protestants or muslims)

We also don't like corporations using and abusing free speech laws, unlike the USA where corporations lobby like crazy because Citizens United (2010) i.e. corporate political spending is protected as 1st Amendement to right of free speech.

Thus, the US is virtually influenced and ruled by the richest most powerful corporations. source: a Princeton study

... but most Americans see no issue to that, because.. meh, "free speech"...

America's free speech means jackshit, if its drowned by mega corporations with huge loud speakers.

And you guys only have 2 political parties? How is that free speech when you can't even create a new political party and compete against the two others?

In most European countries, all you need is 5% of the votes, and you're in parliament as a political party! Also, in the US, the news media is profit oriented, and is very concentrated in a few hands, and serves private interests. Thus good luck having free speech that isn't corporate propaganda.

While in many European countries, it's actually unlawful to have such a high concentration of news media, and many countries make sure that there are public news media, that are regulated by the constitution, they levy their own taxes, and have no profit oriented motives. They serve the public interests only.

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