Guild Recruitment Thread for January

<Keepers of the Keg>


[7/9 DS | 2nd Team 6/6 GA / 0/9 DS]



  • Scarling Darkspyre - Guild Leader
  • Officers: Psi Freak, Commander Astronest, Avarice Wrathmarked, etc. (These are the most active for recruitment needs)
  • Appletini Raid Leads to contact: Tels V, Innappropriate Innuendo, smithhy brook



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Age Requirement: 18 years +
Active Members: 60-70
Average Online: 15-25, 45 on raid days; easily accessible via Teamspeak & Groupme otherwise
Peak Hours: Evenings/Post Work hrs, EST to PST range
Raid Times: DS (Know It Ales) & GA (Appletinis) run concurrently! Sun/Tues/Thurs 9pm-12am EST. Alt & Pug GA: Every Friday 9pm EST-12pm EST
PVP Times: Generally every day/night, we take breaks for PVE content when needed, we premade and queue in groups >10 all the time. Entity Dominion Warplots Sponsor Voip: Teamspeak 3 Required

Twitch Users: Innappropriate InnuendoSig85 | MyrrineMyrrineAetheral | Om NomGinJeanie


Are You Who We’re Looking For?

  Beer League Raid Team Progression Team 1 (Know it Ales): 7/9 & Progressing on Pairs til Avatus Team 2 (Appletinis): 6/6 & Progressing on System Daemons

Know it Ale Recruitment Needs: Looking for 2-3 DPS who are at least 3/9 DS. Stalkers, Warriors and Spellslingers welcome. Appletini Recruitment Needs: Looking for 3-4 DPS, Stalkers/Spellslingers extremely wanted. Stalker or Engi who is capable of OT for specific fights with a DPS set wanted.

The Need to Knows:

New & Returning Players as well as Fresh 50s are welcome. Please know that our members skew older, and we have work, school, families and kids to take care of. We are able to help you where we can, but you will more than likely be leveling alone. We are alt friendly. If you’re joining to raid, please pick a main and stick to it. If you’re pvping, alts are ok as long as you play them. Overall, we’re not an alt storage bank. Each raid has its own nuances, but generally follows the same ruleset. You will be expected to follow them, and your raid leads. TeamSpeak is required. A mic is not, but makes things a hell of alot easier. If you’re joining just to PvP, house, or hang out, you’re definitely welcome! Guild members run dungeons, do dailies, and gather for the world boss trains all the time pre raid. We will help you finish your attunement, and get you up to speed for your class to the best of our ability. We curse like sailors, rag on each other, and generally have a good time together. We encourage thick skins. You have been warned.


If/when you do apply, please make sure that you register on our forums before making an application or it will show as a guest, or reroute you to the main page. We will respond to your application as soon as possible, and invite you to chat on teamspeak before accepting/adding you to our guild.

Thank you for looking into <Keepers of the Keg>! See you in game!

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