'The hell with it': Elon Musk tweets SpaceX will 'keep funding Ukraine govt for free' amid Starlink controversy

There is a reason why these posts get deleted. These bots have been targeting Elon way before the war in Ukraine.

Not only has Elon developed a product that undermines their main strategic resource, he also develops technology that in a effect boosts US army strength.

Geopolitics is all about what you don't have. Elon is all about utilizing what you already have. Not a bad quality per se, but it not a quality that teaches how to guard your self against manipulative tactics of those who seek to undermine your success.

Ofc, restraint is king. Ukrainian official could have shown more restraint and patience. While that may be true, Elon should not fault those who couldn't. Their kids are being killed or taken as hostages in a power play. Elon remarks oversimplified the situation and completely ignored the sheer terror of their reality.

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