Hillary Clinton: Texas House could turn blue in 2020

Staffers were told the new benefits would include a health care plan with 100% coverage, a new $150 tech stipend, an unlimited paid time-off plan, and and a continued education fund of up to $1,000 a year per employee. Weeks later, employees learned that the new health care plan would include a $5,000 deductible — an announcement that caused confusion and anger among staff members. By the end of May, a group of employees led an effective sit-in at the firm’s Washington headquarters, crowding the office of the company’s CFO to ask questions about the health care plan. Two partners, Arun Chaudhary and Keegan Goudiss, were present. Employees voiced concerns about the benefits plan, saying that the firm's clients would not support it. They also told management that staffers were leaving every week. They should expect that that number was only going to grow, staffers told Chaudhary and Goudiss that day, according to a person present.

Officials at Revolution Messaging said that, within hours of the meeting, Goodstein apologized for the miscommunication and corrected the issue. Employees now have unlimited vacation, an established medical savings plan, and a new company stipend for continued-education, according to a statement from Goudiss.

holy shit what monsters

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