Hopeful adoptive parent - needing to vent and looking for advice

That's because most women have baby mania, women control the pussy, without the pussy your life sucks. So subconsciously you follow your woman's lead,,, think about it females are given baby dolls since birth, taught to cook and clean... This society pushes that value system

So then you have people who want to fit in with their peers so bad they will do anything for it.. It's like when u see a frienemy in a nice car.

The real question is why did you not value the orphans until you found out you couldn't have kids

There are 500k fostered/orphan kids in America at any given time, but 90% of the people who adopt only do so because they can't make a baby.

I don't hate adoption, but I don't think 50% of these people should adopt, not do they have the real understanding of just how damaging the entire experience can be for the adoptee..

We are forced to go into homes and blend into your environment, or go back to the garbage system. Adoptees are much more likely to be abused or sexually assaulted by adopted parents or foster parents. I actually read a huge spread about how men dont form the connection with the child that tells them not to fuck it. The natural chemical that's released when u hold your baby for the first time, never happens. Thus causing a lot of crazy shit to happen to us, the adoptee or foster kid.

I know of this first hand.. All my siblings were abused and so was I, from multiple homes, Hell the guy that bought us, raped my sister & beat me for the first 4 years of the adoption.. I guess he thought it would toughen us up.

But guess what... When he went to prison, when he admitted in the court that the abuse happened within 3 months of placement, no one came to help us.... The adoption agency didn't care, they made their money. The system didn't care, society doesn't care..

We are just damaged goods.. We sit on shelves waiting for someone to give a fuck, and then when they do its because they can't have a baby.. When things get tough as we age it's because of "our birth parents"

It's never because of all the horror we've experienced being bought, sold and traded to the highest bidder..

If you are going to adopt, just be aware that this sub doesn't portray the realness of the situation. This is the happy loving helpful side of adoption, all these people are happy because they finally filled that baby mania void they had.

And a lot of us outspoken adopters are given shit, talked down to, or banned from discussion.. No one wants to hear the truth.. It's too easy to just bask in the dream.

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