The land of the ARs and Pistols

I think 3 things need to be addressed 1. Easy accessibility to guns are a contributing factor. Not just the fact that most Americans have 7-10 guns in their house in the first place. It’s not about security. I’m more likely to put that gun to my head in my own home then to have to resort to saving my family from an intruder. 2. Government agencies and the local police have to do their BEST to catch unregulated transactions. With all the times Cruz had been in trouble with law and conduct at school this guy should of been flagged a long time ago. It was a blatant disregard to not do anything by both police and FBI. 3. Mental illness of course. There is lack of focus on mental health among health care professionals. Doctors giving ineffective medications because of prior authorization or because they’re pockets are getting deeper. And not to mention only a fraction of the governments budget going into mental health. Celebrity Apprentice president has cut the mental health services budget by 36%

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