Horrifying sex ed flyer I found at my office (public school district)

1 is exactly what my mother thinks. I am a 25 year old female, and I have a 19 year old brother.

I visited home this summer and let my mother know I was also planning on visiting some friends in California later that month. She was concerned about costs, so I told her one of my male friends was willing to let me sleep on the couch over the weekend. She freaked the fuck out and did everything short of calling me a whore.

I brought up my brother, who was living there for the summer. He recently invited a girl over and spent the entire day behind closed doors with her in his room. Now, I do not believe they were having sex but I pointed out to my mother that had I engaged in that sort of behavior at 25 years old - never mind 19 years old - my dad would have beaten me and she would have kicked me out.

My mother did not deny this. I pointed out the hypocrisy. She said it was because boys were different from girls. She said that when boys kiss and have sex, they simply "feel good," whereas if girls kiss and have sex, they fall in love and get their heart broken because the boy will leave them after they're done having their "good feelings." Her justification was that she wanted to protect me whereas my brother did not need the same sort of protection since he was not similarly afflicted with feelings of love by the opposite sex.

I told her I disagreed with her, but for argument's sake, let's say what she said was true. I asked her if she was okay with my brother dating a "slut." She said he will get over her because he won't fall in love with her, and he is intelligent enough to pick a "good" girl to marry. It doesn't matter how many girls he dates, as long as he doesn't get her pregnant, doesn't get STDs, and marries a virgin. Then she asked me suspiciously if I wanted to sleep around, and warned me that nobody would want me if I was "dirty."

I love my mom and dad, but my god they are such assholes sometimes. I can't even talk about this with my dad, because he'll just tell me to shut up and change the topic to "Why are you even interested in this? Is it because you've also been sleeping around behind my back? Why are you a slut? Do you want me to die early? Go commit suicide so I don't have to be ashamed of you any longer. I wish you weren't my daughter. etc etc.."

Speaking of my dad, he came home from work during the late afternoon. My brother and his girlfriend were still in my brother's bedroom. They had just finished making a shit ton of food in the kitchen, left behind a massive pile of dirty pots and pans, and the kitchen floor, kitchen counters, and most of the stair banister was covered in a sticky film. My dad made ME clean it up. The state of the kitchen was so bad that it took me just over 1.5 hours to do it. I asked him why he wasn't making his son clean up his own damned mess. My dad said, I shit you not, "he is doing more important things."

I still did it because when I am living under my parent's roof, it's their house and their rules. If they want me to do household chores, I do it. But holy shit it's so fucking annoying how they let him get away with murder and scrutinize my every behavior.

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