How is a Christian/non-Christian suppose to know which parts of the bible are suppose to be taken literally or metaphorically when within Christianity there is so much disagreement and the goal posts seem to keep shifting for various reasons?

That's a dumb claim to base your rejection of reading something, how can you make claims about something you've never read. That's quite ignorant and arrogant way of thinking. We're encouraged to learn about other peoples religion from authentic sources, such as the scriptures themselves even if there's a loss of preservation we can at least read them to see where they're coming from.

I'm not force fed anything, I've read bible verses myself and take unbiased information and go to the source. Unlike yourself who has made heretical claims, that you were force fed from your media, and instead of using intellect to research you blindly make heretical claims with no knowledge.

Yes you can, Islam = Submission to the will of God and contains the root word peace. A muslim = someone that submits their will to God. By the very definition, that means all the prophets since the time of Adam were muslims. We don't say it's something new. Abraham submitted to the command of God, therefore he's a muslim, the same with all the other prophets including Jesus. Abraham was not a jew who followed Judah, and he was not a christian who believed in christ or a trinity.

You claiming Jesus is God is your own belief which can enter into a christian theological discussion, but you're the one that brought up Islam. You have no evidence from your scripture of your claim, there's not a single verse in all of the Bible that Jesus says what you claimed, he prayed to God with his forehead on the ground, and never claimed divinity, and only preached pure monotheism. These are teachings you can find in the bible if you read it without your personal corrupted preconceived notions.

You can't claim something is false or misconstrued without reading it first. It's a completely unbiased source with factual, accurate information.

Since you're talking about Islam, Islam teaches us in the Quran, that the Torah, Injil (Gospel of Jesus), Psalms (David), were all revelations of God, but due to loss of preservation we can not rely on them completely, therefore the Quran tells us it confirms the prior revelations as it was revealed to the prophets in their original forms, and it tells us the Quran is a Supreme authority on them. 5:48 is the reference for this.

You can love and hate what you want, I don't care.

I was not setting up anything, many of the regular people on this sub already know me and have seen me often. I used to have chill discussion with people here.

But no I was not spreading islamic theology, if anything when I have conversations here I use your Bible as scripture, because there are clear verses that contradict the understanding of many Christians. But if someone engages of a conversation of Islam, I'll gladly answer it because this sub is not purely Christian, anyone can comment, so naturally all types of conversations come up.

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