How "civilization" is going in Florida

Yeah he's not wrong. I work in a school, the disrespect and no fear of consequences is astounding. When I was in school, I was scared to get a referral (mainly due to my parents reaction), teachers would grab us by the arm and pull us away in a fight. They cared but also showed respect and teach what to do and not to do. Just last week a student kicked an EA in the ribs, she still hasn't came back, and then threw a metal microscope at the teachers head breaking a window, kicked holes in wall Hundreds in damage. He was suspended ONE day. Parents picked him up and didn't seem bothered. I woulda been scared to see my parents lol. So maybe it's the parents of the younger generation now not doing what they should, I dk. Teachers hands are kinda tied nowadays. They have to just step back and let the kid rage, destroy things, take the punishment. It's not right.

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