The solution is: Stop making shit for Twitter nazis

She is. We know her from her Stanford days and are sadden by the turn. All of her professional colleagues have argued with her but she’s found a niche and exploited it. There’s a large cash market for this type of medicine. She has books on Amazon for otolaryngology and her husband works for piper jaffreys last time I checked.

You kind of get high from the infamy/fame- People’s adulation. She transferred after one year from another residency to Stanford ‘s when they had an opening.

Usually when there’s a change or when you see protocols don’t work you shift in order to find a better solution for your patient. That young deputy died. Ivermectin didn’t save him. The anecdotal evidence she has is overshadowed by the other larger data set that shows ivermectin is not an effective treatment or equivalent to a placebo.

Sorry, Mary. I hope you get off this crazy phase.

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