Tackling the most important agricultural issue in the Lone Star State

So if you insist on calling an apple an orange people will ignore you

Gender is how one's sex is supposed to be perceived

Is everyone in charge just so god damn dumb that they will spend all of this time getting red faced angry about not understanding the words they use?

Also, all of these super bigoted, penis obsessed right wingers are old and fat. They've been indulging in manly american vices like red meat and cigars [and a non stop buffet of uppers since the 80s] everyday of their career...they have erectile dysfunction, they've -had- erectile dysfunction for years if not decades

A big reason they're so hung up on sex is because they only have bad, pill focused sex with hookers- they're genuinely angry that non-normative people are happy

The word GAY [happy] literally makes them angry because it means the people who DON'T fit in are HAPPY

Imagine being a fucking loser who has already spent your entire life desperate to fit in and be accepted, only to end up 70, blind angry and unable to walk up a flight of stairs without fearing for your life

They're old, weak, pathetic losers

America has been run these people for decades. They can barely get out of bed in the morning, they know they're on their way out because their bodies are failing them and they're channeling the fear and desperation into attacking anyone they see as different

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