How do I have a conversation with my mother about this?

1 spanking doesn’t seem to have done anything because spanking doesn’t actually do anything. Discipline isn’t punishment/Should never be corporal punishment. It should be learning from poor behavior through the natural consequences. “Make a mess, you clean it” “spill your drink, you wipe it up” “say mean things and hit, you’ll need some alone time because it’s not safe for other people to be around you”

2 I’d let my parents know that if they want you to watch your sister while they work, then you expect to be paid as you are not her parent and the responsibility being placed on you is not reasonable. If they are unwilling to pay let them know you plan to get a job and fill your time with study and other necessary things. Get good grades and get yourself set up so that at 18 you have choices as far as college, work, housing etc.

3 stay empathetic towards your sister. She’s just 6. Her mom is gone all day and her 16 yr old babysitter doesn’t even have a fully formed yet. The 6 year olds emotional and social needs aren’t being met and she’s acting out, because that’s what 6 yr olds do. This isn’t your burden or responsibility. It’s just the truth and knowing the truth helps soften emotions.

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