How did your 2018 go? How do you plan to fuck up your 2019 before it begins?

2018 was probably the most fun year I've ever had, but it wasn't very productive. I spent the whole year boozing and sleeping around mostly. Went on a Eurotrip that was a fucking blast. Moved in with a good friend of mine from college. Made a bunch of new friends in my city. Ate a lot of good food. Raised some hell.

The only "responsible" improvements I made this year were getting much more comfortable in my job and getting much better at cooking for myself. I also met my savings goals, which were pretty modest.

Had a great time. Still, I feel like I don't really have anything I can build on going into 2019, so I'm making some changes. I'm cutting down on drinking (staying sober for all of January as a start). I'm gonna read a book a month. I'm gonna run a half marathon again. And, I'm gonna lose 10-20 lbs. Get back into fighting shape.

Relationship-wise, I'd like to take some time to myself, not even think about dating for a while. Then, I'd like to find someone fun and easy-going to hang out with for a bit. Nothing too serious, but something classier than a random hookup.

I'm also deleting my Reddit accounts. Lately this place only makes me stressed out and angry.

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