How driver's license suspensions unfairly target the poor

You're a cold hearted asshole.

No, the rules are the laws and you don't get to suspend them as you see fit. Case in point in my world view if you didn't pay me it might be ok for me to break your knee caps or use electrical torture until you paid. Maybe I take your kid and put them to work mowing my lawn. So we could start this arbitrary bullshit thing where if people owe you money you just go kill them but that is not what the law is. The rules are the rules. We used to have debtors prisons. We don't do that anymore. Well the government gets to but the rest of us can't.

Neither moving or the military is an option for everyone.

You got to make choices. For the vast majority of the USA military service would pull them out of poverty.

Life isn't as simple or easy as it seems when you're a predator surviving off others bad fortune like you are.

No the predators are the cancerous deadbeats killing this nation. The predators are the people not paying their HOA dues while reaping the benefits. They are literally stealing from their neighbors. Everyone else steals from you and me. AND ALMOST EVERY LAST ONE THINKS THEY ARE JUSTIFIED. Those costs are passed on to the rest of us. Business don't exist to be nice. They exist to make a profit. If they don't make a profit they go bust.

So why should a guy/gal who is working 2 jobs with no cable or cell phone have to pay 20% inflated costs because a bunch of vultures don't feel like paying on a contract they agreed to pay on.

and have no interest in anything but what you think is true, regardless of how things actually are.

It doesn't matter what things are. It matters what the laws are.

You have a contract that says xyz. You need to pay xyz. I've seen multiple thousands pulled from locked down bank accounts from people that "didn't have it". If you owe money you owe money. That might mean no Christmas presents for little Jimmy or no vacation in the Bahamas. It really doesn't matter. File bankruptcy if you need to, but again that isn't my concern.

Sometimes people don't have what they need, anyone arguing that's not true hasn't seen much of the world we live in.

I'm not arguing that at all. I'm asking what is your solution. Free money for everyone? You fix poverty by tossing money at it? You can give the alcoholic wife beater in the trailer 10 million dollars and in probably 5 years (or less) he will be back in the trailer steal beating his wife.

The rules are the rules. They exist for a reason. If you getting stuff from a food bank you should have qualified for food stamps. Lots of people qualify for programs and they chose not to use them.

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