So how is everyone feeling about Evolve now?

I'm loving it! I've been playing Goliath primarily for the last 80+ hours, but I'm finally starting to branch out and do unlocks on Hunters. Support's a favorite, I like the combination of sneakiness and damage. Dropping Hanks orbital barrages from cloaks on Monsters who thought they got away and are trying to sneak a bite is immensely satisfying. Here's an example of gameplay if you're interested

In terms of lasting content, I still don't feel like I've learned everything there is to know about the single monster character that I play, and I still enjoy playing him. The game has an incredible amount of substance to it, and one of the biggest issues with it was that it is pretty tough to learn how to play it well. About half my games are pubstomps, and the other half against coordinated teams - in particular, I keep running into a team called Elevate who have beat me every single game despite my relatively high win rate. I try to play them several games in a row when this happens because as frustrating as it is to lose over and over again, I learn a little more each time.

The remaining players online seem to be a lot more organized and friendly. Everyone at level 40 is super nice - unless the monster plays Wraith, in which case it's a coin toss if everyone starts arguing about how OP it is or actually hunts it (I've had some great games against Wraith and one or two sour ones). Most of them have mics, which is unheard of. Matchmaking is easy for monsters, a little tougher for hunters.

The tournament scene is just picking up but hasn't found steam yet. The most recent tournament (today) showcased some good monstering from Kraken and Goliath and I thought the finals were pretty intense. I'm looking forward to seeing a competitive scene for this game, and I think it will have what it takes, but it might need the remaining hunters/monsters released to really pick up that oomph.

The patch for Wraith (and Cabot, and many others) is coming out in about a week or two. It's had a troubled time rolling through certification and testing, which is ruffling the remaining player bases feathers a bit. It should cut out most of the abuse-case scenarios for Wraith (the nerfs were quite substantial) and make a few of my other favorites (like Val and Hyde) more viable. It will also fix a ton of quality of life bugs (mouse cursor ones being most prevalent in my mind). After that, patches should be rolling more regularly, and we'll also start to see some content being added. I still heartily recommend this game, but I'd say wait until then to pick it up and start playing again.

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