How far do you think CRS cut-off score will drop down?

I'm at 478 with my IELTS expiring in July 2023, and I'll be 30 in March 2023.

Unless I'm able to get a job offer or learn French, I don't see a way out anytime soon.

Based on the current trend, the number of new profiles that are added to 500+ CRS are significantly higher. If IRCC continues with the draws every two weeks without a break, there might be a chance for 470s.

Keep in mind that by the end of the year, more people would have earned their Canadian degree, so there's a higher % of people adding to 490+.

I would suggest trying every possible to increase your score, at least the options in your control.

Max out your IELTS Try to learn French Apply for jobs. Reach out to the managers on LinkedIn Explore all PNP options.

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