How do you feel about interracial or intercultural dating?

I'm First Nations. Didn't fit in back home and thus didn't get on with most girls there growing up. Interracial is most of the dating I've done.

Dating Hispanic women had odd intersections of cultural overlap. Meeting the family was always funny because they couldn't quite find a box to put me in until they'd do the math that I'm dark, swarthy and most importantly, Catholic.

I've had most of my dating success dating women from rural backgrounds. No matter where you're from, the farm is the farm and the bush is the bush.

Dated a girl who was an international student from Sichuan province. We'd talk about fields and birds and fawn over each other's smiles. There were differences, but nothing cultural that couldn't be overcome.

Eventually settled down with a girl from a small town in a neighboring county, we met doing our respective thing in the city and think alike. We're from different cultures even as such - her family is old bavarian with protestant/lutheran values while I was raised in a house where dad skins roadkill raccoons in the garage and screaming matches were a near daily occurrence. I'm not fond of the stiff mannerisms and passive aggressive tuts from her side, she's not fond of the washboard and fiddle brand of lunacy on mine.

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