How to have hobbies? Or any energy at all?

Maybe its the job that's draining the energy from you? I learnt from experience that when you sont have a sense of purpose when you are working, it quickly becomes something that takes energy away from you. I started working as a freelancer a while back, on things I love doing, that make me feel alive. And it drives me to work harder, plus the idea of earning more, and learning more and achieving more is a huge drive for me. It has always been a "lets show the world that I can do anything" mindset. Plus I think a huge part of doing activities that make you better as a person (finding ways to creatively express yourself, cooking healthy meals, exercise, social events etc) come from self love. If you feel like you love the person that you are, you will only wish the best for yourself and thus work on it.

I myself have gone through a period in life where I felt like doing nothing except the bare minimum, and I always explained it as a seasonal thing, so maybe that's the case for you too? It just takes sometimes slowly nudging yourself in the right direction to build that momentum, and then you will like it and the effect it has on you, and it will become a habit. At least for me that's how it worked. Look at motivating people around you! For instance I turned to look at people like Gary V and other content creators that advocate for the "hustle culture" and slowly but surely I started getting back to all those additional activities such as side hustles, new projects, soul projects...

Recognizing a problem is the first step to the solution, so good luck!

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