How is the market for web developers in the area?

Let me guess, you're about 20 years old? An education isn't absolutely necessary, no. Fighting against it for bullshit reasons, are just excuses. You've said your experience is working on 5 projects, maybe 6. How does that make you an excellent employee? It shows nothing, an education would show something. But hey, who's to argue with someone who worked on 5, maybe 6 projects.

You would waste a lot less time if you stopped replying to things I never said. First of all, I haven't even done those projects yet. I said that I'm looking at about 5-6 substantial projects (e.g., investing weeks or months worth of time per project and continuing to maintain them beyond the initial period). Plus I'm going to be working on other, smaller things because I find software development interesting.

Keep making excuses for being uneducated and inexperienced.

I literally haven't made an excuse or even presented a reason for my lack of formal education. You are reading into things.

Like I said, you asked how the job market is. I told you it wasn't good. All your explaining and excuses don't change that, sorry.

And you seem to be the only person here relaying that sentiment. And again, I have offered no explanations or excuses. Any that you are seeing come from you reading into things that I haven't said.

Get an internship, that is honest advice.

That's not bad advice.

You have no education.

And that is simply not true. I have no formal education. That doesn't mean I have no education. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard because they had nothing more to teach him. You are implying that college is necessary for an education. Therefore, you're implying that Bill Gates is uneducated simply because he didn't finish his degree at Harvard. That's incredibly naive. And before you say it, because I know you will, I'm not comparing myself to Bill Gates. I'm pointing out a flaw in your logic.

You have basically no experience. No one cares about 5 projects.

I have some experience and I'm working on getting more. And people do care about personal projects. The fact that you don't more likely means that you hire terrible developers, by which I mean you don't because you're probably not actually in a hiring position. But the fact that you don't care about it doesn't mean that nobody cares about it. I'm not saying that because I've worked on personal projects that people have an obligation to hire me, I'm saying that I'm working on personal projects to gain experience with software development.

Again, best of luck. Sadly, you won't be finding work anytime soon. You came here to ask the question of how the market is, for you, its closed.

I don't need luck, and I certainly don't need best wishes from you. Your opinion on whether or no the market is going to work for me is entirely irrelevant and I think it's been quite well demonstrated that you are not being reasonable, especially considering the personal experience of others in this thread and the fact that I've already had interviews for developer jobs in the area even with my lack of a degree.

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