How much do you make?

So I own a firm, smaller commercial that does roughly 75 million a year. and I can say without a doubt I do not care what certificates or degrees you have when I'm hiring. None of my guys have schooling past high-school, if they even graduated 12th grade. What I look for 100% of the time is someone who is easy to talk to, knows the lingo, and someone I can take on-site and they work well with other employees and clients. To me having people skills and being presentable is the biggest thing, we can teach you the rest is my way of viewing. I've had better luck hiring guys for PM positions who have 5 years related experience or field experience than I've had with any college graduate. I've tried them all, in my industry I know all the other companies in my area are the same way, we hire based experience over paperwork. Now if you want to get a degree or certificate while your working for me I'll 100% pay for it on the condition you stay with me for 24 months after your graduate.

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