How often do you text your friends?

I have an aversion to mobile phones and only use one for work, so don't txt people in that respect. I have one friend with whom I often communicate via email, it's wonderful getting long messages from them and, likewise, having the freedom to gush about something I've done or read without the constraint of space and time. We do sometimes talk on the phone, which is when we tend to arrange our meet ups. Last Saturday, one of them turned up at my door unannounced, which was wonderful.

Can't say I miss texting or the intrusive dings of whatsapp. I do miss pen palling or just having long distance friends and engaging email conversations. I lost one such friend couple of years ago to covid. There was something special about ending each day with a personal email, where we could discuss anything from baseball to politics but our preferred topic of conversation was literature and cinema, where we recommended stuff to each other and then shared our experiences of it. It was tremendous.

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