How to pick the right therapy?

'psychology is no substitute for philosophy'. someone said that once

don't give these people your money or time. its a business, they stay in business by saying "this time again next week?" i told her i felt like a ghost, a nobody, and she just told me to 'breath'.

life is suffering. there is a strength in knowing this. everyone suffers. use your free will. your free will awaits. we have to make our own fun in this world. we have to be the stones in the storm right now, because, society just doesn't accept us any other way, its true. you're caught up in cause and effect; there is no escape from cause and effect. you have a brain that has a numerous amount of defense mechanisms including those that make you, and me, depressed, or angry, or fearful. we evolved from stardust on a planet in space. cold, dark, space. its a miracle that we're even here at all. you have a good life. you have the power in you to make it better already. i believe there is a 'soul', a certain power or spark in you that never really goes out as long as you are still here. its my personal belief that asking and getting help from others is fine, but it won't be nearly as satisfying as pulling through yourself with your own will. accept the suffering. master it. know its patterns. learn physics. watch 'closer to truth' by Dr Kuhn on youtube for free.

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