How I plan to raise my kids

I think you're getting pretty far ahead of yourself. So many people have parenting ideas that go out the window once they have kids. You can plan all you want, but things might be different once they're here.

That said, in my opinion, giving kids what they want isn't always a good thing. Almost everyone appreciates things they had to work for or things they didn't get as a child. Does anyone ever boast, "I got everything I ever wanted from my parents!" The answer to that is no. Most people are proud of any obstacles they had to overcome, even if the obstacles might not be all that amazing. People are proud they had to walk home from school. People are proud they had to do chores before they watched TV. People are proud they didn't always have the newest clothes or toys. If you ask me about what was so great about my childhood, I'll tell you how fun it was that my neighbor, my sister, and I would set up a lemonade stand if we wanted to get money to get an ice cream cone. As soon as we had enough money, we'd ride our bikes over to get an ice cream cone. I'm still kind of proud that we'd do that ourselves to earn those things. I'm proud my parents had to work hard to make ends meet in those early years. My mom made a lot of our clothes, and she worked a newspaper route. We'd roll up papers and fill the car. She'd deliver them in the wee hours of the morning, and sometimes we'd have to get up before dawn and bundle up in the middle of winter to go with her to deliver papers if our dad wasn't home (he worked nights at a factory). I wore dried pasta necklaces. My sister and I would paint rocks if we got bored. We set up neighborhood games all the time like kickball, dodgeball, and kick the can. So, my point is, that people appreciate when things aren't just given to them. People appreciate when they and their families had to work hard and make due with what they had.

In my opinion, parents aren't doing their kids any favors by just giving them the things they want or the things the parents wanted when they were kids. And that's another thing, too... the items you wanted as a kid, like a new uniform every year, might not be the same thing as what your kids want. A lot of kids couldn't give a damn about new clothes.

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