Trolls on imperial Bastion are Out of Control.

I empathise and share your concerns; about the hypercompetitive hair-brained-bunch; especially those who have evil intent. Whilst; on the larger scale also; get-off on believing they can con-troll our perception of reality.

As 'they mistake' you affording; the trouble-making, ruinous, pathologically-lying bullies; an adult level of respect, for you mistaking them as being 'arbiter of reality.'

Which; if they can't con you into that dynamic; 'then' either-way they run-tell-mummy and the 'rule' book comes out, to declare you as being what they are and the 'awful truth' is banned !

There's no-one more trolled than Erol; because he reveals 'every' top-secret we're supposed to be in the dark about; until 'after' we're dead.

So we attract all trolls; especially since Erol 'deconstructs' and exposes them and their solitary bag of tricks.

Most people don't realise that most trolls are core-inadequate jerks; work for free and are 'cerebral' sex-offenders. Who troll; looking for 'human' brains; searching for 1 who isn't yet emotionally-independent and who'll grant the lying beast the time of day.

Because; the average person hasn't studied neuro-anatomy, neuro-pathology, neuro-chemistry, narcissistic-or megalomaniacal psychopathy; they 'struggle' to realise what a cerebral sex-offender is.

Nor will they realise the magical-thinker's obsession; is of the 'unwitting admission' of transference; because of the 'rage' issues which the hollow-vessel suffers from, due to their 'extreme-self-delusion' and existential-envy of adult 'moral;' ergo honest and considerate; human beings !

In brief; they get-off on decreeing themselves 'winner' of imaginary competitions and any negative-reaction allows the weak asshole to trigger a supply of 'dopamine' and ideally serotonin and better-still a 'rush;' if the evil-dunce believes they've produced an outcome which 'shouldn't' be the case; in other words, the forum turns-against the good guy, in favour of the morally-vacant, hate-consumed, troll.

Or better still it leaves someone fuming in their wake and; as is far lesser-known; they target the same person again and again and again and again and again, 'deliberately' trying to cause them P.T.S.D., whilst priding themselves on covertly getting their supply.

Atypically; even-though the troll is the pathologically-ingrained and neuro-anatomical construct of egomania, if you don't laugh 'flatteringly' at the sex-offender, they'll 'decree' you as being what they are and then pretend you "deserve it, have it coming, brought it on yourself and have it coming."

The 'paid' trolls are no-different, they are 'armed' with Zionist buzzword, E.g. If you look at their history, you'll see they regularly ask complete strangers, "Are you anti-semitic ?" or "Are you homophobic ?" or "Are you a misogynist ?" or "Are you fill in the blank, fill in the blank?"

They get-off on the human having 'prefrontal' brain-function and atypically will plead their innocence or at least defend it, to a complete stranger.

Which allows the low-life troll to believe it's important and superior. Which 'also' allows the government-plants to delight in their plodding 'solitary' trick too.

Although, there are a percentage who are simply kids; being unruly; those who aren't sex-offenders; who act as trolls, have 'no life.'

Plus, they're so petty and puerile they press the down-arrow and 'care' about Karma, which even reddit states is 'meaningless.'

I repeat; they hope to 'con' you into thinking they're the 'arbiter of reality' and over 90% of their trick is dramatising 'any' tiny-point, their bird-brain often pre-believes will 'win.' By either saying or; even-more impotently; wish-typing, 'You are what I am.' {When you think it through.}

This is just 1 of Erol's ground-breaking studies on them; he's renowned for having studied serial-killers and paedophiles and other pathologically-lying, magical-thinking, emotional-manipulators, in the field. All of whom were self-confessed sex-offenders, I.e. 'paraphiliacs.'

Erol reveals top secrets about their psychology and rechristened them 'Neandertrolls,' due to a remarkably ground-breaking neuro-anatomical discovery.

Plus; more humorously; he refers to them as being 'unitards,' as they have 'ingrained' a solitary pathology; due to their solitary addiction to winning their supply; which over-time becomes rigid, thus the term 'hardened' criminal. Keep up the 'good' work.

p.s. Spread the word, before the panting-paraphiliacs 'run tell mummy,' that there's a human they can't con-troll; to delude themselves they're awake whilst you're asleep; comically and tragically, in 'both' cases, being 'genocided' by the Ashkenazi tribe; of imaginary-Satan-worshipping, fake-jews; which peddles it's pity-play, a.k.a. known as the 'holohoax.'

p.p.s. Even if everyone on reddit; which Erol calls, 'The mosque of the lie;' were to wish-type, 'You are what I am,' remain emotionally-independent and keep smiling, despite any number of low-life, no-life losers who want your attention and for you to mistake; the unenviable self-deluded-dunce; for being important.

Ciao, Che'

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