How would you react if a ex showed up at your door wanting to talk ? Who was the first ex that came to mind ?

This actually happened to me. He dumped me to be with my former best friend, they were sleeping together when he and I were dating. This was like a year after we broke up. He came up and my mom answered the door, she told me who was at the door and I came out asking, "what the fuck do YOU want?" He wanted to talk, so we went for a drive. He wanted my opinion on his and my former friends relationship. I told him how I felt, told him I was busy (I was, my family was coming to town) and to take me home. The last thing i said to him was, "yeah, good luck with all of that. You need to talk to her about your relationship. Not me." I guess they got into a huge fight later that night and broke up.

Neither of them are in my life anymore. I met my now husband later that year and we have a little boy now. This was also like 15 years ago... so...

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