How do you know that Yahweh is the good one?

I don't see a being that is inherently good needing to remind his followers of the fact seemingly every 5 minutes.

This only makes sense if you require (or restrict your responses to Christians with) a literalist interpretation of the Bible, and that that the Bible is the literal word of God. This is an extremely peripheral view which does not reflect Christianity as a whole.

If Yahweh was in fact evil (or the devil) and he did indeed write of his existence in your heart, you wouldn't know the difference. You would be judging the devil by his own standards, so of course he would come out smelling like a rose.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

Morality, also the notion of good and evil, is a human concept. In addition, if we accept that these terms derive their meaning from God, how meaningful is it to apply these labels back on God? At best I think you can apply them to the Son, i.e. Jesus Christ, who was overwhelmingly good. We also know that God is a loving god, see below.

Never mind the fact that there are numerous instances of slaughter, murder, mass genocide, slavery, discrimination, physical, psychological and sexual torture, human sacrifice and other abhorrent, immoral instances condoned and in fact commanded by God in the bible (which actually support my proposition)...

Where do you get this condonement? Can you give a reference? Just because the Bible describes a horrible act, does not mean that it condones the act! You must also remember that the book was written in a society vastly different from our society today, and reflects the social conditions of its time.

How do you know that Yahweh is the good one, even if you believe that he has written it in your heart, beyond simply referencing what the bible says or what you "feel"? (as I account for both of those in my premise)

You don't think you account properly for the treatment of God in the Bible. At best, I think you cover the Old Testament. Also, if you reject both the Bible and any religious experience, what kind of response are you expecting? I hope you see how unhelpful it is to specify what kind of argument you reject without giving any indication of what kind of argument you would accept.

Well, Yahweh usually refers to God restriced to the Old Testament, right? It is a Jewish concept, so if that is your intention, you might want to take that question to a Judaism subreddit.

If I am allowed to talk about the God of Christianity, His goodness is reflected in the story and teachings of Jesus Christ, that God sacrifices his only son to save us from damnation for our sins. In my opinion this is conclusive proof of God's love of us all.

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