How has your family denied gender roles?

What does your flair mean, "FT 9/92", I think it could possibly mean started Finasteride in 1992 or means full time since 1992 when you were 7? Am I right, I don't think I am.

But the other part of your flair does that mean you started HRT in 2002 at 17 years old? Can I just ask what it was like to be transgender in 2002? Like what was the culture like and the access to hormones like and how did you know about hormones? I was really young then and had known for a while I was a girl since around 2000 maybe earlier, but I wasn't able to do anything due to my terrible parents. From what I remember back then when I was a kid in the 2000's California about transgender people was that transgender people were usually conflated with crossdressers/drag queens and most people had no idea what a transgender person actually really was, but then again that's what I remember as a little kid who got most their information from their elementary and middle school and their conservative Christian families ramblings.

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