Husband is a compulsive liar. After 2 years of marriage and lies, I'm running out of patience. Please help.

I dont wish to go into detail as to why I dont want them to have a friendship. There is more to that story than you know. I will say that at one point in our relationship, I was completely open to them being friends. Things have changed since then and, as I said, I don't wish to talk about it. This post was for advise on his compulsive lying. Not a post about why him amd his ex cannot talk. I've asked him time and time again why he wants to contact his ex, he says its curiosity. Thats fine and dandy if the situation was different but for reasons I don't wish to go into detail about, it is not. He has also made me block my ex and I'm not saying he should do what I do. But if I'm willing to remove my ex because it makes him feel uncomfortable for us to have a relationship, is it really so unfair for me to ask the same of him? If asking a person to stop contacting another is controlling to you, then my husband is also controlling. I don't see it that way. I see it as a small sacrifice to ensure comfort and trust. Its not like I've asked him to stop contacting anyone else that he knows. Just her.

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