I think i was catfished???

Hai! I actually have the same diagnosis as you and it honestly was heart breaking to read how you're being gaslight! This situation and person is not safe for you to be around imo. We tend to be impulsive and sometimes that can be dangerous for us. I don't suppose she would be a good person to keep you safe from you when you need it.

I realize we don't want to spend our lives hoping someone can save us, it's not like that. But having a person who takes time out to understand and learn you and care for you, especially when living with bipolar and personality disorders, is very important. By the time I was I was in my mid 20s I had over a handful of toxic relationships and suicide attempts. Because personality disorders lead to attachment style issues E.i favorite person syndrome and once the favorite person syndrome starts to shift and we get paranoid and anxious and unsettled. These aren't feelings you'll feel with the right person. It took me a very long time to distinguish between favorite person syndrome and actually having genuine feelings. But once you know, you know.

Your mind is already wreaking havoc on its self, you don't need someone on the outside playing on that. Find your peace and don't let her back.

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