IAmA Self-taught history buff that regularly helps people design and research armour for reenactment and sport, AMA

I was involved with HMB, IMCF, and BotN for a good few years, but I got really fucking sick on how accurate and in period everything had to be. Everything needed a historical citation if you wanted to use it in sport, and everything got magnet checked.

Obviously it varied between associations, but it ultimately the strictness of it got in the way of the sport and I just backed out. Considering how expensive it is for full kit, I just couldn't justify spending more on something that I'd grown to feel that way about.

Would you say it's still in that degree now, particularly in SCA (something else I'd thought about moving into)? I know my opinion on this is shared within my previous teams, but have you noticed it yourself? Is the stance on it shifting?

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