If humans were captured and put in an alien zoo, what would be in our enclosure?

The plaque would state we are the most violent and dangerous species that inhabited the planet earth. We lack empathy and understanding for each other, and we revel and lust preying on each other and exploiting each other for whatever misplaced sense of purpose we possess.

There would be many different types of humans, and because Aliens are so beyond superficiality we would be separated and enclosed into groups based on ideologies. Whether religious or political.

So depending on what category a human falls into would dictate what would be in the enclosure with them.

This obviously can become very specific and very detailed so I will refrain from venturing further into this and provide a simple answer for convenience sake, and I will focus only on the very nature of an enclosure being inhumane.

So I will provide an exaggerated list of things we’d find in an enclosure for humans that feeds into the more negative parts of our culture and society.:

  • A canvas painted on the walls depicting our friends and family. Maybe even a sky line of some famous city, specific to where the humans were kidnapped from.

  • We would have cubicles set up where we would simply sit, ponder, do meaningless work, and let the stress build until we freak out and need to be tranquilized by the aliens

  • Stuffed animals representing the house pets we would have

  • Fake objects depicting our technology that we were always tethered to in our actual environment. So iPhones, computers, TV’s that don’t actually have an on button or any other electrical working components.

  • We would eat nothing but Soylent. But not in a shake form. It would literally be pressed and coloured into foods we would eat normally outside this zoo. Big Mac and Fries all made of soylent.

  • We would be given tools to exercise, basic barbells and plates equipment, that would not be used by most people because they only know nautilus.

Fuck I can’t think of anything else right now, but please feel free to chime in!

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