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I'm no geopolitics expert but NATO isn't just about sending soldiers to kill people in other countries. it is a mutual defense treaty, meaning that it provides huge help for Norway to prevent being attacked by, say, Russia. of course, Oslo is pretty far from the Norway/Russia border, and the logistics of the invasion would be a huge problem for Russia, but it's theoretically feasible that in a war scenario Russia could try invading Norway, and in that case, NATO would be of great help. Russia could also try to enter norway's airspace or maritime borders without permission. if you look at Ukraine for example, Euromaiden happened mainly because of Ukranian relations to Nato and the EU, and then Russia took Crimea. if Ukraine was part of NATO, the Russian invasion would've triggered Nato's article 5 and all the NATO members would be obligated to help Ukraine against Russia. and that's the reason russia absolutely dreads the day Ukraine joins NATO, and will do everything on it's power to prevent it from happening— it would never invade a NATO country. so pulling Norway out of NATO would be actually a bad move for the country's own interests, basically giving up on their "fuck off russia" card. even if there's currently no reason for Russia or any country to invade Norway, you never know when things may change.

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