If YouTube is supposedly against spreading misinformation, why would they remove thumbs down, one of the best tools for deciding whether a video is a load of crap or not? Is there a good arugument for their decision?

You can get extensions to make them visible, since it’s still there/visible to page owners.

YouTube has been getting less and less friendly to small YouTubers. The era of you being the you in YouTube is long gone. To appeal to more main stream lines of programming and advertising they have manipulated algorithms of less advertiser friendly content and demonetize for so much these days.

What happened with the dislike button is the same thing that happened to commenting on every news site. It’s much more appealing to advertisers and corporate media to always look like their message is being perceived well. That perception ensures that other users who see the content go in with a favorable idea of what they’ll be watching as its well received. People ruin things with comments and opinions

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