IKEA charged me £40 for delivery and missed the delivery date. Twice. They offered me £10 reparation, haven't paid it, and we've been sleeping on the floor from their mistake. What can I do?

I don’t think you can do anything except complain and honestly I don’t think that will do much, because ikea didn’t do anything wrong. You just didn’t follow their website directions and now you want to point fingers

It’s not like you’re stuck sleeping on a concrete floor, you’ve stated you’re sleeping on a mattress. Sleep on the floor before you complain about how bad something is for someone’s back.

Then, you want ikea to pay “lost wages” for 2 days off work, (one of which the partner did use setting up what was delivered.) are you serious? That is the most laughable thing I’ve ever read in my life. -If it’s only supports missing, he didn’t even need to take the second day off work, because those packages are about 10 lbs and easily installable. You could have built all that furniture while he was working. (I built all my Ikea furniture and I am a 90 lb girl with no construction experience.)

Sorry, OP but in this question you come off as a super Karen. Go to an ikea and pick up the package or go order one. (FYI, if you only ordered a bed, you did not order the supports; because those are 2 separate orders. The website and store are both clear on that.) that would be why you didn’t receive them. And why on earth should they bring you something you never ordered for free? Please.

Stop being so entitled. People like you are the reason prices go up every year. To offset the costs of stores having to pay you for your mistake.

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