I'm [28 F] calling off the wedding [28 M]

I married an alcoholic and someone who behaved like this at 25. I thought he’d grow out of it. He did, but not in my time, in his own time. You need to ask yourself if you are willing to wait for him to grow out of this, no matter how long it takes. You said he isn’t this guy. Maybe he is this guy afterall?

Also, I don’t think you should call off the wedding and run away (been there, done that - it just escalates the situation even more), I think you should wait for him to wake up and have a conversation about his behaviour. Ask him if this is how he wants to live his life - getting drunk every weekend with his buddies and behaving terribly. If he says yes then call off the wedding and run away, if not, put some boundaries in place and go from there.

Lastly, trust yourself. Goodluck and please PM me if you need to chat!

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