Indiana Pizza Parlor controversy may have been a result of questionable journalism

Are you fucking serious? That's your response to my comment? You use homosexuality as an attempt to insult me? You are disgustingly ignorant or just stupid of what you are even trying to discuss.

Its always about respecting their rights for equality, their rights for equal liberty- what about my rights to not have to deal with such? What about my rights to believe in whatever I choose without persecution or constant berating with the same damn cliche of "white Christian bible thumping male"? Seriously do you not have an original thought or do you enjoy being an unknowing product of someone else's agenda to turn a legitimate issue into the equivalent of a "race war" through the same hate and ignorance you SHOULD BE fighting against and not practicing.

It's hypocrisy at its finest when people who were and still are persecuted for their lifestyles turn around and do the same exact thing to others and pretend like it's not the same thing. You and everyone like you just love to jump on the bandwagon of bashing religious people who do not share the same views on homosexuality as others do and act like as if we are all KKK affiliates. It's fucking ridiculous that you consider yourself intelligent to the slightest extent from the way you present yourself and the argument you so passionately present.

If you seriously do not see problem with the shit you are spewing than you need to "come out of the closest" as you so eloquently put it with your own issues of dealing with others of a seperate opinion or belief.

I do not, have not, and will not ever have a problem with homosexual people in any capacity whatsoever. I simply do not share their views on the lifestyle. Id appreciate it if you could learn to tolerate religious people the way you would want to be tolerated.

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