Iraqi Shia Militia fighting against Isis [614x960]

No doubt. But saying that "we should give them a break" is some coward bs. It's like the old, "what would u do if ur family was killed??."

Every thread dealing with Iraq/Syria you find people talking like women in abusive relationships who excuse the actions of their dictators/husbands.

Fucking cucks. Realize that these militiamen are all, in the bottom of their hearts, young, disenfranchised, disillusioned men who have found a "cause" and a "why" to their problems. Whether they project their anger at Sunnis or Shias doesn't matter.

It's all the same mentality, ISIS, Badr Militia, SAA, street gangs. It's not that complicated or hard to prove that the man on this image is no paragon of humanity, but probably surrounded by a bunch of men who sooner or later will torture a POW to death or execute one just like we've seen in countless of videos coming from Iraq.

A war criminal is a war criminal based on a few, simple criterias. Rounding up young men and executing/torturing them is a war crime. Arabs have the most lovely excuses to cover war crimes up.

But it is a known, and highly documented fact that most shia militiamen are war criminals and would be arrested and put before a martial court if they didn't live in the tribal shithole they do now.

Arabs don't deserve good leaders because they don't want good leaders, but they need people to stand up against the ingrained sectarianism that is plaguing the Middle East, once and for all.

There shouldn't even be any Shia militias and Sunni militias in this day and age. But these parts of Middle East act like it's literally 1436 (current date according to muslim calendar). But unfortunately both sides feel unrepresented and feel the need to join factions split between tribes and religious sects, run by corrupt men making money off of blood and tears.

Both Sunnis and Shias would love a scenario were they can say, "look at these ungrateful and treacherous Sunnis/Shias, after all we've done for them! See? It's in their blood to be like this!".

Arabic nations are the shame of the world, and people's lack of education and self-determination is what keeps their leaders in power.

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