Israel using bogus archaeological digs as cover to take Palestinian land, British government says

Stll refusing to admit you lied about israel creating hamas?

Yup because I didn't. Hamas exists because Israel let them. They have had the possibility to remove them several times, but they did not. This is because they see Hamas as their useful idiots. It doesn't matter what percentage of responsbility Israel has in that matter. The fact that they didn't actively shut them down when they had the chance is the same as assisting their creation. But you won't relate to all of this, because you'd rather focus on word games in order to try and save face.

Lied about Israel killing hundreds of children for one launched rocket?

I wasn't talking about a particular incident, but merely referring to the 4 recent campaigns into Gaza by Israel, where this happened. I gave you the death statistics. But you'd rather try and save face by making it a matter of word games.

Words have meaning.

They sure do. So why won't you relate to practically anything I have written about Israel's relationship to Hamas, the disproportional use of force by Israel, the collective punishment of Gaza's civilians, etc. etc? Instead, you are screaming "LIAR!" based on a few irrelevant word, which don't change anything.

What is really pathetic about your stance is that you put the blame for deaths caused by hamas due to launching rockets from the midst of civilians on israel, and in the same breath claim they could easily wipe out hamas.

So those 4 boys who died on a beach playing around with a soccer ball with no Hamas personel, not even a grown up, in nearby sight is the fault of Hamas? Along with the hundreds of other children, that got bombed without being near a launch site?

Edit-what straw man? Hamas has a choice of launch location, yes or no? If it is no my response applies to your attitude. If it is yes you can't put the blame on israel.

That's not the point you fucking little pathetic cuntfaced retard. You are trying to put words in my mouth and assign my opinions that I don't have. I just fucking TOLD you that the human shields from both sides are a problem, but you conveniently left that part out aswell and now you are seeking to use straw man argumentation in order to safe face. Well guess what, that's too late for you you pathetic Hasbara minion.

Every single comment you avoid the points I am making and try to yell "liar liar" because you won't relate to the issues at hand and think that somehow strenghtens your argument, which isn't there.

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