I've been falsely accused of sexual assault and feel guilty because of what the accuser has said to me.

This is a weird phenomenon that’s been happening around campuses a lot of places, it dosent discredit the real rampunt assult that happens daily though. These people get in their head when they felt uncomfortable with a sexual experience, regardless of consent level, and the social circles come and say it’s assult, and now they question if it’s assult, until suddenly it truly feels like an assult and the only way they can cope and heal from that uncomfterble feeling is by addressing it like they are healing from an assult when that’s not what it is.

It’s really fucked up and not fair. Something very similar happend on my campus this year. But it’s hard because those people truly feel the emotions of someone’s whose been assulted in the same was as someone is interrogated into commuting to an crime and now believe they truly did it. The brain is powerful and can get confusing.

Best bet is unfortunately to walk away as far as you can from all that

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