Why Joe rogan keeps pushing DMT?

They're not my friends btw and I'm definitely not drawing any conclusions here. I said I don't know everything about it but from what I do know the experiences you had with DMT you still have them everyday in deep sleep and you're not supposed to artificially die and make your soul go away to a place you're not supposed to go at all. DMT is a gateway, with a drug everyone sees something different but everyone who I'm sure you've talked to and I've talked to who has done DMT sees the same entities the same everything. They trap your soul for eternity, well a lot of time but it's long enough to call it eternity and when you come back you come back in a weirdly different way. Don't tell me you didn't see reality differently after the first time you did DMT. No other psychedelic made you see reality like this before DMT.

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