Just caught the person using my work parking space

this is my car park at my flat


i think a girl in my flats has just had a brand new car bought for her , a nissan juke with a personalised plate (blerrghh!!) , and jesus christ she cannot park, genuinly takes her several attempts to park, she constantly parks where i've drawn in the picture, its not even an actual parking space, blocking me in (or pinches other peoples spaces), if somebody is parked on my left i have to do about a 13 point turn and only just squeeze past her and then reverse all the way out of the car park (which is off of a bend, tricky to get out at times) as somebody is usually parked in the other space ive also drawn, which does not cause any issues on its own.

The spaces are allocated, but she doesn't care, i might "let" her park in my space one day and then park where she normally abandons her car, its not even in a parking bay, that space is used for delivery drivers / postmen or anybody else to turn around in, ive complained several times but nothings happened and nothing probably will.

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