i just saw my ex with someone else and shes improving tremendously.

My ex broke up with me.

I thought it was over , she now slept with my friend in 2 days of adding him in snap.

Mind you I haven’t had sex yet after we broke up.

In months she got a new boyfriend.

And guess what I did?

Absolutely nothing and focused on myself, my problems, self improve and school.

I am telling you right now, pls stop this bull shit, the reason it affecting is because you either haven’t fucked a bitch better than her yet or you haven’t leveled up.

You have literally other problems I know that for a fact that you haven’t solved yet that is more important.

Get your shit together, read a fucking book, hit the fucking gym and have a fucking purpose.

I was like you and I have crossed that barrier, what you need my friend is a purpose a goal you want to look toward to. Simple nothing else will fix this.

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