Konami Is Adding Kojima's Name Back on Metal Gear Solid Products (repost from /r/metalgearsolid)

It did get some generally positive reception but I kinda wish that Kojima had a bigger hand in the design instead of simply producing it. I feel the same way with the first Zone of the Enders game which felt like it had potential that was squandered, whereas the sequel really picked things up and became something special and acclaimed.

LoS is basically a God of War clone with a couple bosses that rip-off Shadow of the Colossus with more QTEs. I can see what people like about it but it does not have even a minor amount of what would make any game uniquely special, not just in terms of Castlevania. Kojima's games, like them or not, have an amazing sense of design with even the tiniest features feeling well-polished and well-implemented. The number of ways to go through any stage are insane and the stories, convoluted or not, have a staggering level of depth personality in every moment.

I'm kind of glad that LoS isn't really advertised as a Kojima game the same kind of way that Metal Gear is, or even Zone of the Enders (which was also produced, not designed, by Kojima). At least it's an attempt to move the story forward but I'm glad they tried to let it breathe on its own for what it tried to do, even if it underwhelmed some people, myself included. That said, it would have been a really great game had it been designed by someone who didn't feel content making a game people have played a dozen times before in different skins. At least every Metal Gear sequel feels significantly different from the last one, same with ZoE, and they were relatively original games to begin with. Not so with LoS, and it suffered because of it, especially with the second game's poor reviews.

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