Kremlin says military campaign in Ukraine to continue at least until capture of all of Donetsk region

How in the hell can they expect this to turn out successful?

Putin is still stuck in a WWII-era tactics (and more specifically, Soviet tactics). Sending bodies into a fight, indiscriminately bombing civilian targets, mass torture, etc. That doesn't work today. If anything, it just invigorates the defenders even more.

I'm guessing that, as these untrained conscripts reach the frontlines, the number of Russians lost per day is going to steadily increase quite a bit. We're already seeing it drift upward, currently only just below the 7-day average during the Kharkiv counteroffensive. Not to mention morale and outright fear since they have no experience--I'd be surprise if the frontlines don't just melt within the next 1-2 months. Personally, I'm predicting Ukraine is in Donetsk and Mariupol by Thanksgiving.

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